A New Way Of thinking about Donations

This Is Water Theatre's commitment to accessibility to the arts is the foundation of our work. Our Pay-What-You-Can structure ensures that anyone can attend one of our shows regardless of what they can pay.

Likewise, we believe that supporting theatre should be just as accessible as attending it. Donations and support shouldn't seem limited to those who can give $500 or $1000 at the drop of a hat.

So we're changing how we ask people to support us.

We're returning to our roots: when Andrew started This Is Water Theatre, he did so with a campaign asking everyone he knew to pitch in just $10...and that planted the financial seed that has spawned six incredible productions in 2 years.

So we're not targeting the big money*

Instead, we're focusing on people who are willing to commit to a small, monthly donation to help support us. You get to decide how much you can contribute, and we'll make sure to put it to good use!

*(Though just because that's not our target doesn't mean we won't take it!)

What you're supporting

  • Pay-What-You-Can Theatre that is open to all
  • Current, new, and original theatrical work
  • A commitment to professional quality performance
  • Local artists who have professional experience and aspirations
  • A community atmosphere that says "we want artists here!"


We're still working on these! We do know that we can guarantee the following:

  • A monthly update (We admit, we haven't been great about this in the past. So we just put a new system in place to make sure this happens!)
  • Invitations to occasional open rehearsals and preview performances
  • Recognition on our website and in most printed materials
  • Occasional personal updates from individual ensemble members
  • A tax receipt at the end of the year for your fully tax-deductible contributions
  • And new perks that we'll add whenever we can!

As of now, all of these perks will belong to all of our monthly donors, regardless of how much you contribute.

So that's it! And it's super easy...just click one of the links below to make your recurring (or one-time) donation. Thank you for your support!