Inaugural Auditions for This Is Water

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our first fundraising campaign!  
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The first-ever auditions for This Is Water Theatre will take place during the evenings of September 8th and 9th in downtown Bryan.  Due to the unique nature of the company, auditions will take place in three stages, with potential for cuts after each stage, depending on the number of auditionees.

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All auditionees should have a theatrical resume and 8x10 headshot. (click the links for descriptions of both)  Electronic submissions are preferred.  Resumes should be submitted in PDF format.  You can send your submissions to thisiswatertheatre [at] gmail [dot] com

Stage 1: Individual auditions (September 8th-9th).  This stage will consist of 4-5 short (approx. one minute) monologues in various categories.  It is designed to allow the Artistic Director to see your range.  In addition, your preparation for this stage will demonstrate your work ethic and dedication.  Please choose one monologue in each of the following categories: 

  • A role you feel you could play well and enjoy right now
  • A role you would like to play but are unlikely to be cast in right now
  • A role you feel you could never normally play
  • A role that demonstrates a significant amount of physical movement*


  •  *In place of a physical monologue, you may choose to perform choreography.  You must provide your own music on CD.  Your choreography should be 1 minute 30 seconds maximum and tell a story; think of it as a dance monologue.
  • You may choose to sing (acapella) in addition to your four monologues; it is not required. If you choose to sing, please keep in mind that your choice should function like a sung monologue.

Stage 2: Group ensemble work (Schedule dependent on auditionee availability). This stage will consist of various group ensemble exercises including improv and physical performance.  It is designed to help explore how you work with other people and your ability to be present in the moment.  

Stage 3: Interview (Schedule dependent on auditionee availability).

This final stage will consist of an in-depth interview with the Artistic Director.  

This will not be an easy audition process, but if you are prepared it should be enjoyable.  We are seeking performers with discipline, dedication, passion, skill, and most importantly, compassion and understanding, as this ensemble will be working closely together for at least one full year.  While we are currently seeking 3-5 additional ensemble members, the exact size of the ensemble will be determined by the number of potential candidates that emerge from the audition process.

To register for auditions, click here

This Is Water Theatre hopes to eventually pay our ensemble at least a part-time salary.  However, since this is new ensemble, compensation will be much smaller as we get started, and will be determined on a production-by-production basis.

Additionally, ensemble members will need to commit a significant amount of time not just to rehearsal and production but to marketing and fundraising.  

In other words: don't audition just for the money, because there won't be much for now.  Audition because you love theatre and want to work in an ensemble like This Is Water, and we'll work together to increase the amount you get paid to do it.