Going Dark

By Elizabeth Keel

In a world much like our own, there exist Empathologists: people so finely tuned to a specific range of emotion that they can manipulate it in others.  In a small school where Empathologists are trained to use their emotions as a service and occasionally a weapon, the arrival of a new student brings a welcome change to the two professors and their protege. But after a recent loss, some emotions may be too close to the surface. 

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Feb 13-14 @ 9:00pm
Feb 15 @ 8:00pm 

Feb 27-28 @ 9:00pm
Mar 1 @ 8:00pm and 11:00pm

Mar 6-7 @ 9:00pm
Mar 8 @ 8:00pm

Mar 13-14 @ 9:00pm
Mar 15 @ 8:00pm and 11:00pm

Location: New Republic Brewing @ 11405 N Dowling Rd, College Station, TX 77845

Tickets: Reserve tickets HERE.  All payment will be taken on-site, and all tickets are pay-what-you-can, with a suggested price of $10-15.  We accept credit cards and cash, but if you plan on purchasing any beverages from New Republic Brewing, be sure to bring cash.

***PLEASE NOTE: This is a standing-room only event. Limited seating will be available before and after each act, but if you are unable to stand, please contact us at info@thisiswatertheatre.com so we can discuss available options.

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