This Is Water Theatre is excited to announce the launch of new educational opportunities for the Brazos Valley community! To celebrate and kick things off right, we are offering a special series of classes at a discounted rate.

We've designed these classes to be like a "tasting menu" of some of the class types and topics that we will be offering in the future. Each class in our "Getting Your Feet Wet" series is a stand alone class, meaning that you can pick and choose which classes you would like to attend. However, we are offering a discount for those who register for more than one class. Below you will find class descriptions, schedule, and registration info. Only 20 spaces are available for each class, so be sure to register soon. Hope to see you there!

(All classes limited to those 16 years of age and older. We plan to start offering classes for youth this fall!)


It Rolls off the Tongue: Intro to Improv
July 11th (9:00am-12:00pm)

Thanks to shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway and the Drew Carey Show (among others), improv comedy has grown in notoriety over the past few decades. People talk  about the influence renowned improv institutions like Second City or Upright Citizen's Brigade has had on the likes of Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, and a host of other TV and film stars.

This class is an opportunity to learn about what makes improv comedy tick. We'll talk about "best practices," story structure and flexibility, characterization, and more. But the best part? You'll have plenty of opportunities to get up there and try it yourself!

From the Page to the Stage: Intro to Script Analysis
July 18th (9:00am-12:00pm)

Script analysis sounds boring, right? That's why a lot of people don't pay a whole lot of attention to it. Sometimes it feels easier to figure things out as we go along, and sometimes that's all we need to do. But sometimes, we find a role that we have no idea how to tackle. Sometimes we wish that we knew how to break things down and figure out why in the world our character would say (or sing) that instead of this. I mean, really, what were they thinking?!

This class will introduce students to a particular script analysis methodology, and then give them the opportunity to put their work to work immediately, getting them up from the table and onto the stage.

Visibly Invisible: Intro to Theatrical Mime
July 18th (2:00pm-5:00pm)

Mime is a powerful tool for self-discovery as an actor. When we have to convince an audience that something is there when it actually isn't, we learn a lot about our bodies and how they move through space. Add in another person who has to interact with the same not-really-there thing, and we become much more aware of the people around us.

This class will explore the basics of theatrical mime, including topics like physical foundations, object permanence, through-indication, and spatial flexibility. There won't be a whole lot of sitting still, so come prepared to move!

Listen Closely: Intro to Scene Work
August 1st (9:00am-12:00pm)

This is probably what people think of most when they think of an acting class. Students getting up, doing scenes, getting feedback, and doing the scenes again. Typically, however, scene work takes time. Time for rehearsal and memorization, time for analysis and synthesis. Usually a lot more time than three hours.

Utilizing simple scripts, listening and repetition exercises, and scenic adjustment techniques, this class will give students a crash course on authentic, believable performance. Much of this class will be similar to a This Is Water Theatre rehearsal, in that we play on our feet as much as possible. There will be plenty of opportunities for students to be "in-scene" through this 3-hour class. (Small amounts of memorization will be required. Scripts will be sent out at 3 weeks in advance)

About the instructor

Andrew Roblyer is the Founder and Artistic Director of This Is Water Theatre and has taught and coached acting for kids, teens, and adults for 10 years. He has experience studying and teaching the techniques made popular by Hagen, Meisner, Stanislavski, and Mamet, all which he pulls from to create a synthesized approach to acting that is flexible enough to be tailored to individual actors, but strong enough to give each actor a firm foundation for the rest of their artistic lives. In addition to his work with This Is Water Theatre, Andrew has served as the only non-faculty instructor for the 2014 Youth Adventure Program at Texas A&M University, has worked with Da Camera in Houston as a spoken performance consultant, and has coached both professional and volunteer actors throughout his tenure as an acting coach.

Cost Structure

1 Class: $30
2 Classes: $50
3 Classes: $65
4 Classes: $80
Payment is required to secure your registration. If you need to cancel, you must do so at least 3 weeks before your first class to receive a refund.


To register for classes, there are two steps.

FIRST: Visit this link to fill out a registration form. This is important, because this form will tell you which classes are still available and thus prevent you from paying for a class that you cannot register for.

SECOND: Use the payment links below to select the number of classes you successfully registered for and submit your payment. If you would like to pay using a non-electronic method (check or money order), please email us at

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