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This Is Water Theatre Will Close in 2018


This Is Water Theatre Will Close in 2018

Official Statement from the This Is Water Theatre Board of Directors

It is with heavy hearts that This Is Water Theatre announces that we will be closing our doors on May 1, 2018. We are so incredibly proud of what we have accomplished since our founding in 2013, but it has become clear that we cannot continue to exist and remain true to this organization and our place in this community.

We set a high bar for ourselves with regard to the type of work we would produce, the manner in which we would produce it, and the commitment to pay every artist with whom we worked. We hoped and trusted that this community would rally behind us, and while we have been so incredibly grateful for those that have, we have continued to struggle to fill our seats. This, along with our mission-driven commitment of attracting small, regular donations in place of the more traditional underwriting system has meant that every production felt like we were beginning at square one all over again.

Despite these challenges, our organization has been extremely lucky to provide a home for some incredibly talented, and more importantly, skilled artists from many different theatrical disciplines. Some of these artists even chose to stay in this community because of This Is Water Theatre, a fact that we are incredibly proud of and another reason why this decision is so difficult. We trust that those who continue to call Bryan/College Station home will be welcomed by the theatre community as they seek out other opportunities.

For those that may wonder if there is anything they can do, if another fundraising campaign would solve the problem, or if they get all of their friends to come to our next few shows would we be able to stay open, unfortunately the answer is no. We are simply unwilling to compromise our mission statement and structure. So, we have instead made the decision to close our doors.

However, you may have noticed that we still have one more year to go, and it’s going to be a big one. Since day one, Andrew Roblyer, our founder and Artistic Director, has talked about his dream of creating an immersive theatrical production right here in Bryan/College Station akin to NYC productions like Sleep No More, Then She Fell, and many other immersive shows. We are proud to announce that in addition to a fall show that will be decided at a later date, our final work as a company will be to create an original, B/CS-size immersive theatrical experience in the Spring of 2018. This will require a significant amount of community support, so if you are able, please consider either making a one-time donation of any amount or setting up a small monthly donation plan between now and May 1st, 2018. All donations are tax-deductible, and any surplus funds remaining at the time of our closing will be divided evenly between StageCenter Theatre, The Theatre Company, and Brazos Valley TROUPE, so no donation will go to waste, even if this is the first time you’re able to support us.

Additionally, tickets are available now for the regional premiere of “Of Serpents & Sea Spray” by Rachel Bublitz; please reserve your tickets asap to see this stunningly beautiful play!

We hope that you will support us (or, in the case of our dedicated patrons, continue to support us) right up until we turn out the lights, because we’re going to keep creating new, high quality theatre for this community until the very end. This will not be a dying breath, but instead a triumphant shout for all that we have accomplished and all that is possible for the future of theatre in the Brazos Valley.


Jared Tucker, Board of Directors
Pam Beeler, Board of Directors
Thom Lemmons, Board of Directors
Linda Bendiksen, Board of Directors

Andrew Roblyer, Artistic Director
Michelle Schovaers Wagley, Managing Director


2017 Call for 10-Minute Plays

2017 Call for 10-Minute Plays

WE HAVE MET OUR SUBMISSION CAP! Thank you to all who submitted!

This Is Water Theatre is excited to announce a call for 10-minute play submissions for production in February 2017!

As part of our full season, we will be producing a 10-minute play festival that we are tentatively titling "Skinny Dipping with Our Clothes On," which will revolve around the themes of risk and vulnerability.

We are looking to fully produce 6-10 scripts, all of which will receive approximately 8 performances - this is not a staged reading. As part of our mission is to make sure that artists are paid for the work they do, we will pay a royalty of $10/script/performance to all selected authors.

Submission Guidelines

DEADLINE: October 5, 2016 at 11:59pm Central Time Zone or 400 Submissions, whichever comes first.

Please read the following very. carefully. Due to the expected volume of submissions, we will have to automatically reject any submissions that do not adhere to the following.

Please ensure that the content of your script adheres to the following:

Theme: Risk and vulnerability
Genre: Any (We are seeking a variety of genres)
Cast size: 2-5
Cast demographics: We cast from our ensemble and intern company, visible HERE, so all roles must be able to be filled by those actors.
Technical needs: Minimal, no material under copyright (songs, images, etc) can be required.
Format: PDF only. Must have a title page and character breakdown.
Production history: We will consider any script regardless of production history, but you will be asked to provide that when submitting your script.

Only one script per author will be considered.

To submit your script, please use the following form. ALL EMAIL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE REJECTED. If you have any questions or concerns, you may email us at

DEADLINE: October 5, 2016 at 11:59pm Central Time Zone or 400 Submissions, whichever comes first.

Submit your scripts HERE!