Hannah Hilgendorf

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Hannah Hilgendorf is currently a senior at Texas A&M University where she is studying to be a middle school literature and history teacher. Besides being a student, Hannah is also an artist, writer, and she greatly enjoys public speaking. She is currently working on editing a children’s book she has written and illustrated. Her art medium of choice is acrylic paint.

She has never worked in theater before this point but has dedicated her life to connecting more deeply with other people through the art of both the spoken word and painting. Hannah is extremely excited and honored to be given the opportunity to be a part of This Is Water and form new friendships with different people and new art forms.

When Hannah is not painting or studying, she is taking her dog Casper on walks, watching The Office, discussing books and movies with her roommates, listening to music, singing in the car, and experiencing the wide and often bewildering range of emotions that is bestowed on the artists of the world. She has traveled to Israel, England, France, and Uganda and has learned from each of those places about different aspects of her Creator and His heart for His people.