David Paul

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David Alexander Paul is a lifelong musician, starting with the violin in his early years, the clarinet from middle school to college, casual and choir singing, and more recently self-paced learning of the guitar through distance friends online. Ever since he first touched a computer, he also learned about what technology can do for audio, spending much of his free time re-arranging compositions from video game music. His stage experience mostly consists of public speaking contests (in both English & Chinese) though he has dabbled in the theater as well; he enjoyed reading/watching many plays & musicals and played parts in elementary & middle school theater, and dramatic reading in high school.

At Texas A&M, he furthered his musical education through the Aggie Band as well as Dr. Moeller's music & technology courses in order to receive a music minor while pursuing a computer science degree. While studying here, he works part time as a professional DJ/KJ/MC and audio producer.

He seeks to utilize the capabilities of music & technology to enhance the magnificent experience of immersion and emotional intensity that This Is Water Theatre offers audiences.