Da'Rel Johnson

Da’Rel Johnson has been involved in the arts since he was a young child. Originally from Houston, Da’Rel graduated Sam Houston State University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts.

Da’Rel has always been interested in the arts. As a child he would make home movies using his father’s old video camera; creating huge worlds with multiple characters was his favorite past time. This passion would later drive him to get involved in his high school theatre department to further hone his abilities as an artist. However, after graduating high school Da’Rel attended Sam Houston where he initially pursued a degree in criminal justice, putting his love of the arts on the back burner for something more “practical”.

During an elective acting class, however, his passion for the arts was reignited, and Da’Rel thrust himself headlong into the world of the arts. He performed in shows such as: Waiting for Godot as Lucky, Macbett as Banco, Last Days of Judas Iscariot as Simon the Zealot, and Robot Songs as Man 1. His film credits include a death row inmate in a National Geographic Production.  During his college career he also worked at the Texas Renaissance Festival as a Barbarian and as Oberon King of the Fairies. For fun and as an outlet to hone his story telling abilities Da’Rel also hosted weekly Tabletop Sessions at his home.

Upon graduation Da’Rel moved to College Station where he joined This Is Water Theatre. Here he has played Ruloff/Galen in Spake, Mary Ann in A Real Boy, and Alan in God of Carnage.