Announcing our 2013-2014 season: 

"Augmented Reality"

After reading through 200 submissions from across the globe (literally), we are so incredibly excited to announce the three shows that will make up our inaugural season! 

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Going Dark

By Elizabeth Keel

In a world much like our own, there exist Empathologists: people so finely tuned to a specific range of emotion that they can manipulate it in others.  In a small school where Empathologists are trained to use their emotions as a service and occasionally a weapon, the arrival of a new student brings a welcome change to the two professors and their protege. But after a recent loss, some emotions may be too close to the surface. 

Going Dark will run February 13 - March 15 at New Republic Brewing. For more information, including exact dates/times and a prequel webseries, click HERE.

(Regional Premiere)

By David L. Williams

Spake begins with the tragic collapse of a church, mid-funeral, in a small Siberian village that is home to all-but-one of the last speakers of an obscure language. Nicholas, a student at Cornell University, now holds the legacy of his deceased family's language solely in his own mind.  While working with a linguistics professor to begin to document his mother tongue, Nicholas sets off a chain of events involving the historic Voynich Manuscript, famed serial killer Edward Ruloff, a mysterious spell, and perhaps even the dead returning to life. 

Spake is set to open in Spring 2014.

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Photo by Stephen Mosher

Photo by Stephen Mosher

A Real Boy
(Regional Premiere)

By Stephen Kaplan

Set in a world where puppets and humans live side-by-side, A Real Boy tells the story of Mary Ann and Peter Myers, both puppets, who differ on how to best raise their kindergarten-bound human son, Max. When Max starts growing strings, his human kindergarten teacher, Miss Terry, decides to take over as his parent to ensure he stays a real boy, igniting a conflict with the Myers’ own sets of parenting beliefs and placing all of them squarely in the national spotlight. 

A Real Boy is set to open in Summer 2014.

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